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Living: airbnb in Atwater Village

Working: WeWork Hollywood

Laundry: Family Coin Landry – Laundromat in Glendale CA

This week in laundry I realized that was an available domain name. So I registered it, and set up this blog.

I’ve been on the road for four months now. Five months really if you count that month I visited my client in Chicago, went to a trade show in Orlando, spent some time in the Orlando parks, went to Milwaukee for Thanksgiving, went back to my client in Chicago, flew into Portland to help my friend move down to LA, and then finally returned to my apartment in Silver Lake LA, CA, only to find the floor in every room covered in an inch of sewage.

Since then, I’ve thrown away everything that was touching the floor, save an armchair and ottoman set that I had professionally cleaned and restored, and packed everything else into the 5×10 storage locker down the road that I already had for my drum sets and other things.

I’ve reduced my life to carry on luggage, and for the past four months have been flying on a weekly basis.

So far this year I’ve visited Tucson AZ, Las Vegas NV, Austin TX, San Diego CA, and a couple of weeks in LA, in-between weeks visiting my client in Chicago.

I have plans to visit Orlando, Seattle, and Milwaukee.

This week I’m staying the first half of the week in an airbnb in Atwater Village. I’ll be working from the WeWork Hollywood. In the second half of the week I’ll be staying at the Disneyland Hotel for the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) Summit.

I fully understand that starting a travel blog is a little bit 2001 – as with many things in my life I’m late to the game here. It was really a fellow nomad that I met in the Outsite in San Diego who offered the suggestion after I expressed the meditative and reflective importance of my weekly laundry ritual – especially how I ended up doing my wash in a nearly new location every week.

Plus, there can’t possibly be that many ex-Imagineer digital nomads out there, can there? (If you happen to be one as well, hit me up on linkedin and/or co-found a company with me). Let alone ones with blogs (I think as a rule all digital nomads are supposed to have blogs actually).

At a minimum I’ve at least created a vehicle to participate in that all-too-millennial activity of taking pictures of food.

Incidentally in events of gastronomical importance, I had breakfast and lunch today at the Atwater Village Sunday Farmers Market – truly a top-notch local establishment

atwater farmers market

The Atwater Village Farmer’s Market

The main attractions here are the Cafecito Organico coffee stand, the fish taco and tamales stand, and most impressively, a pop-up oyster bar (with an early morning lox and bagel option).

Atwater Village Farmer's Market Oysters

Oysters at the Atwater Village Farmer’s Market

A part of me uncontrollably pretends I’ve found myself in a street market in Chile, or on an unseasonably muggy day in Ireland (fabled for fresh oysters). Or somehow both – simultaneously shared in the suspension of disbelief. Plus it’s spring time, and there’s Palm trees.

And with that my friends, I now have clean socks for yet another week.

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