Hi! I’m Andrew. I’m a digital nomad.

I work in experiential design, development, and engineering. I’ve worked on projects as diverse as producing a feature film (with union actors), Animatronics motion animation software (yes, for that company), and Android Touchscreens for airplane seat controls.

As a result of reducing my life to carry-on luggage and flying on a weekly basis, I’ve found myself doing laundry in a new location every week, be it a laundromat, a hostel, or at the hosted airbnb. While the location is often different, one constant that remains is that the hour of laundry each week has become a moment for me to reflect on where I’m at, where I’ve been, and where I’m going – in all senses (physical, emotional, practical, and spiritual).

This journal captures that weekly hour of reflection and all that it might touch upon – whether that’s to do with the practicality of living life on the road, advancements in technology, travel hacks and insights, personal achievements, or other newfound¬†philosophy.

You can always find me through andrew [at] thisweekinlaundry [dot] com.

Keep up-to-date with posts through twitter: @laundryzen