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Super Brand Sunday

Living: Main Street

Working: District

Laundry: Dallas, TX

This Week in Laundry I watch the Super Bowl.

Another week of software. Another week of Unity, projectors, C#, javascript, html, python, OpenCV, and all other sorts of tools in my nerd’s toolchest.

…and a raspberry pi with camera

Each day meets with progress. The march to the first proof of concept continues. And yet, completion remains so far away.

But long before that happens, I’ve got a film shoot in LA next weekend for a tech art grant application.

So for the moment I welcome the break in the never ending attack of engineering. To do a bit of laundry. And to enjoy a little American pastime.

As a theme park developer, I like to consider my work applied anthropology. That is the business I’m in.

And football, in a similar sense, also subsists as a great execution of applied anthropology. A place for story, brands, and culture. For rules and games. For commentary and parade. And for overwhelming commerce.

Perhaps there is no better single exercise in brand in all of American culture. Packed into this single event, we find the brands of the teams. The brands of the sponsors. The personal brands of the team owners. The brands in the commercials – the most expensive airtime in all of television. The brand of the half time show celebrity. And the great American brand, in flag, song, and National Anthem.

reflections of super bowls in Dallas

All these unique instances of brand come together for this moment. An American epoch. In television viewership. And in Brand execution.

If one were so inclined, one could spend hours analyzing. Pages documenting.

But in this moment, I am not one of those people. For now, I need a break from the relentless march of development. So I indulge in the brief reprise of laundry. The solace of Super. Before picking up the pace once more tomorrow.

Happy Super Sunday everyone!

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